Leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience


84% of transfer passengers to be processed in less than five minutes.


Globally recognised as one the aviation industry’s boldest innovators, Dubai Airports continued to embrace new technology throughout 2018, providing passengers with a smoother, faster and more enjoyable travel experience. A series of initiatives under the over-arching DXB Plus programme saw Dubai International take significant steps forward during this period.

Two key technologies were further rolled out to reduce waiting times by as much as 10% at Dubai International. Firstly, the installation of XOVIS in 2017 paved the way for real-time queue tracking, with 530 sophisticated motion sensors allowing management and operational staff to respond to bottlenecks far quicker than before, enabling 84% of transfer passengers to be processed in less than five minutes. Furthermore, access to historical data enables management teams to identify trends and predict problems before they occur.

Secondly, and coinciding with UAE’s Month of Innovation in February 2018, 20 new smart gates were completed at DXB. Combined with 10 already installed in departures in 2017, this brought the total to 127 smart gates available across the entire airport, reducing transaction times from minutes to 10-15 seconds. Better still, accepting passports, Emirates ID cards, e-gate cards or QR codes from the DGRFA smartphone app, the gates do not require a dedicated card – with 5.5 million passengers using them in 2017.

May 2018 saw Dubai International and Dubai World Central airports roll out an advanced cloud-based Flight Information Display Solution (FIDS) along with new System on Chip (SoC) display technology. Developed in partnership with Samsung Electronics and AirportLabs, the new technology was another regional first, replacing a previously fragmented solution with a flexible, environmentally sound and cost effective upgrade that enabled Dubai Airports to operate its new VisionAir FIDS software without the need for external PCs. Offering collaborative content management for airlines, ground handlers and airport service partners, the new FIDS technology represents a step change in journey management that directly enhances customer experience.

Finally, in October 2018, DXB announced a ten year extension of its longstanding association with global advertising leaders JC Decaux SA. From digital trees to a 70 square metre curved digital screen, this ground-breaking partnership will continue to deliver iconic new media opportunities and pioneer digital advertising technology to enhance passenger experience and create unparalleled opportunities for Dubai Airports’ global brand partners.

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